Pain in the joints or rather specifically in the knees is highly common among the old people which is also commonly known as osteoarthritis. Our knees deal with a huge amount of pressure in the day-to-day movements. The pads that work as shock absorbers start to deteriorate with time and the muscles and ligaments get weaker. In some people, in the worst-case scenario, they can’t even handle their body weight on their knees without feeling pain. If you are obese, have a family history for osteoarthritis or met with an accident that injured your knees, you are more prone to this deterioration of your knee joints due to old age. All these things lead to causing pain in your knee joints as you grow older and older.

But this still doesn’t mean that you should give in to this pain. You can just improve yourself and your muscles to make your knee as much healthy as you can. Firstly, you have to strengthen your muscles by working out. This helps the muscles take over the pressure acting on the knees and keep the ligament unharmed from any kind of stress. You can try thigh and calf exercises like squats, lunges, running or jogging. Another reason why people experience knee pain is because of obesity. It is a simple principle, the more the weight of your body, the more will be the pressure on the knees. So, try to maintain your weight within the BMI (Body Mass Index).  Always be active and keep your joints moving, even if it is a little walking or running inside your house.

Do cycling and maintain a healthy diet. A healthy diet may not affect your knees directly but it does help. Avoid lifting unnecessary weight more than your limit in the gym or home. Don’t leave even the minor injury unchecked.