Had a blast party? But suffered a terrible hangover?

The morning after the parties are always difficult to handle. You suffer from a hangover you want to get relief from it. There are many hangover medicines available in the market but they are not fully worth the price. When you suffer a hangover, your body is experiencing the effects of alcohol. Dizziness, weakness, and headache are the most common hangover illnesses one suffers. You need to rest your body, rehydrate your body and have to replenish the essential vitamins which were lost last night.

Here are a few simple tips which you can follow to get rid of that hangover and get back to your normal scheduled life.

  • Get enough rest – Take enough rest and time to recover yourself. An extra hour of sleep can do wonders. if you think you need more rest you can call the day off and rest instead.
  • Hydrate yourself – Alcohol dehydrates your body and makes you feel weak. In the morning of the hangover, water should be the first thing you drink. You can have a glass of fruit or vegetable juice as well.
  • Get a healthy meal – Alcohol consumes most of the energy, so grab something to eat which is rich in minerals and protein. If you’re not comfortable with eating anything, try grabbing a fruit.
  • Try to consume vitamins – Alcohol consumes most of your vital body vitamins and hands can make you feel dizzy and nauseated. Try to consume vitamins during the hangover, a glass of fresh orange juice can be a good option.
  • Take a clean shower – Once you have taken the rest which is required, take a cool shower. This will help you clean up really good and freshen up and wake up all your senses. Use wild water, do not use extreme cold or hot water since this might damage your system even more.

The best way to deal with a hangover is to not get drunk at all. Alcohol does more damage to our body than we can imagine. If we over drink alcohol our body’s resistance mechanism will cause you to vomit in order to throw out the alcohol. The next day of this hangover can be very tough to deal with since you are dehydrated and may have digestion problems and headache or body aches. Drink only how much you can handle.