Dust control is a tricky job for all households. Dust is a never-ending story. Unless you have a fully air-conditioned house where you don’t open the window at all, dust is fully under control. Dust particles enter the house and collect all things in the house. Also, dust is very bad for health, especially for those who are having dust allergies. Dust needs to be avoided in the home. There are many ways through which you can control dust from entering. Here we look at few ways to avoid dust from entering the home.

Try your best to declutter your home. The more surface you keep at home, more chances of dust accumulation. If you keep more furniture, it becomes very hard to clean. Always it’s advisable to make home clutter-free. On weekly basis clean and discard unwanted things.

Anyone, whether friends, relatives, outsiders, or those who stay should remove footwear out or should rub their foot to good fibre doormat. This will restrict dust and germs from entering the home. Also outside footwear and inside footwear, you can keep separate.

Most of the dust enters through windows. If you are on ground floor chances are heavy. It’s advisable to keep windows closed as much as possible. In the morning when there dew and not much traffic you can keep them open. Also, you can put plants on your windows. Plants will filter dust and restrict dust from entering. Also if you have a garden outside dust can be minimised.

On curtains, dust accumulation is more. To avoid this problem a better alternative is to use blinds instead of curtains, which can be cleaned easily.

If all alternative fails to put air conditioner is the good option. It surely helps you to avoid dust from entering your home. Those were few measures to avoid dust from entering your home.