A home treatment for nasal congestion is neti pot. If upper respiratory congestion is your problem, you buy the neti pot and use a solution to irrigate your nostrils. This is the best way of clearing out mucus and to temporarily ease breathing.

Neti pot looks like a teapot and it is better to use saline solutions rather than just water to reduce irritation. If cold or allergies have congested your nose, then you need to opt for using neti pot to flush out the mucus from your nose.

If you are recovering from any nasal surgery, your doctor might even recommend you with a certain solution to use in neti pot. You are supposed to pour the saline solution in one nostril and let it flow through your nasal cavity until it comes out through the other nostril. The saline solution is recommended with the neti pot because it cleanses your nasal cavity, eliminates the inflammation causing elements and improves the capacity of your respiratory system to clean itself.

How often do you use a neti pot?

It is recommended to use neti pot once a day in case of any sinus congestion. You can use it twice a day, if your symptoms are still prominent and you find it effective. It is used twice a day when you have to treat allergies that affect your sinuses.

You should use neti pot only once a day if you have rhinitis.

Excessive usage of neti pot can be dangerous to the overall health.

However, neti pot is indeed effective and you might want to use it regularly.

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