Over the previous months, numerous people around the globe who can manage their responsibilities distantly made the sudden change to telecommuting to forestall the spread of COVID-19, the ailment brought about by the Coronavirus. In case you’re one of them, you may not have an exactly ideal office arrangement without ergonomic seats, consoles or PC screens, and are encountering new body positions with throbbing painfulness. Slumping, sitting excessively long, broadening your wrists and depending upon a PC screen puts actual weight on your body that you may not see yet but will feel later. IIn case you are as of now holding your neck from the agony of gazing down at your PC, you have to focus on what your body is letting you know.

Here’s how you should know that your body is getting harmed due to WFH (Work from Home): –

  • Shoulder and neck pain – When you get a shoulder or neck pain, it is a sign that you have been sitting in a wrong position for far too long. Try to take mini breaks between your work and use proper sitting arrangement that rests your head and doesn’t put any weight on your neck.
  • Eye strain – If you are having dry eyes and a burning sensation in your eyes, it is definitely due to spending hours in front of the screen. The blue light that is emitted from the computer screen is very harmful to your eyes. Try using computer glasses or dark mode on your laptop while working at night.
  • Your legs cramp – Prolonged sitting in the same position can make you cramp your legs. It is because the blood circulation in your lower body is not up to the mark. Always take breaks between your work. Stand up and walk for a while before getting back to work again.
  • Pain in the wrist – Your right wrist might hurt because of the continuous use of the computer mouse. When you handle your mouse, if your chair has no arm support, your entire weight of the hand falls on the writs touching to the surface which cause to hurt. You can use a chair with an armrest or get a mouse pad that has wrist support.
  • Backache – This is a common problem that people working at home will face. We might not have ergonomic chairs at home that provide good lumbar support. Leaning front and back continuously puts a lot of stress on your back. Use a cushion behind your back to support your back. Also, don’t forget to take breaks between your work.