Headache is so common and can happen to anyone. It happens frequently to a human being. There are different types of headaches. It may cause due to different reasons. Causes can be tension, stress, acidity, might be due to high blood pressure or medical history other reason can be lack of sleep. There are a few things you should try to prevent it. Such as less consumption of alcohol, less stress, by thinking positively and take adequate sleep. Also, you can go for spirituality, exercise, yoga as well as adequate consumption of water, also try to avoid very spicy food since it can lead to acidity. Increased intake of magnesium, B-complex and vitamins can prevent from headache.

Headaches are really common and can occur anytime. Here below are few home remedies to feel relief instantly and can be tried before taking any antibiotics for the headache: –

  • Use an ice pack or hot bag – There are two types of headache, if you are suffering from migraine, use an ice pack and compress it on your head for at least 15 minutes. Whereas if you have a tension-based headache, use a hot bag. Use it over your neck and lover head, a warm shower can help us as well.
  • Sit in dim lights – Bright and flickering lights can cause migraine headache as well. We are continuously exposed to screens which are the main cause of such headaches. If you are suffering from it, take a break and sit in a dark room for some time. This can help you retain your normal health. You can avoid direct sunlight as well, by using sunglasses.
  • Avoid chewing – During such headaches, chewing your gums can hurt your jaws as well as your head. Avoid sticky and crunchy food, and have food which is easier to chew and pass through. Night grinding of teeth should be avoided or consulted to a dentist which causes early-morning headaches.
  • Try massaging on your head pressure points – Try massaging your neck and temples which can help you ease tension headache and make you stress-free and soothe the headache.
  • Consume caffeine – Have some food that contains caffeine, maybe a cup of tea or coffee. Caffeine helps you ease the headache and give you freshness.