Teenagers and grown-ups can undergo bipolar disorder which is also known as manic depression. The disorder is something that several people do not believe and something that stigmatizes people.

Here are the facts and statistics of bipolar disorder

Facts about the bipolar disorder are significant if you need to understand the disease. Surveying about people’s real-life experiences with bipolar can be pleasing and motivating to those with the disorder, but it’s crucial to keep in mind that no two occurrences are the same.

1. According to The World Health Organization, bipolar disorder is one of the top three factors of hospitalization in individuals aged 15-44

2. It is calculated that 5% of the world’s population is on the bipolar expanse, while just 1-2% are getting diagnosed

3. Bipolar disorder is more widespread than you might believe. Approximately 4.4% of U.S. grown-ups acquire bipolar disorder at some time in their lives.

4. In adults, the occurrence of the bipolar disorder is greater among females (3.3%) than in males (2.6%)

5. Bipolar is a recurring disease. More than 90% of people who undergo a single manic incident will go on to have another

6. Over 60-70% of manic or hypomanic episodes arise before or after a major depressive episode

7. Therapy is successful in the majority of patients. Nearly 20-30% of people living with bipolar l disorder and 15% of those with bipolar ll disorder undergo serious symptoms despite therapy compliance.

8. The normal age of bipolar beginning is 20 for both men and women, though the illness can evolve at any time.
Everyone experiences highs and low times in their life, but the mood “swings” in bipolar disorder are noted by certain symptoms, and the outcomes can be serious.

It can also result in a lot of suffering if it is not well-treated. Individuals with bipolar disorder cannot just break out of it, they require proper healing.

Managing bipolar disorder is a lifelong challenge for many individuals, and there is presently no cure.
However, several people can and do lead healthy, happy lives with bipolar disorder, and treatment for bipolar disorder can be highly beneficial.

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