Now that many people are being infected with COVID-19, we all must take precautions.

As of now we have no vaccine and people are cured based on their immune system. People with higher immunity tend to cure faster. So it is important to build the immune system strong.

· Healthy diet

Eating vegetables will provide you with all types of vitamins and nutrients. Having a healthy diet will help boost your immunity. Certain vegetables are said to detoxify our bodies and thus helps you gain immunity.

· Turmeric milk

This orange-yellow spice is considered very healthy and plays an important role in building your immunity system. Milk has proteins and calcium that make your bones stronger and turmeric which is also considered inflammatory keeps the diseases at bay.

· Adequate sleep

Good quality sleep is quite valuable. People who sleep properly tend to be more healthy.

· Exercise or yoga

Regular exercise has an end number of benefits. Exercise provides you with various health benefits and it also helps you with immunity. Studies have proven that meditation can help in improving the immune system.

· Get some sunlight

It has been said that absorbing early sunlight can be very beneficial. Sunlight provides you with vitamin D. Low levels of vitamin D can cause various diseases leading to low immunity. The sun can help you boost the immune system.