Brain is the most important part of our body. And so are the brain exercises. And all these exercises help to maintain and enhance cognitive function. Regular engagement in these activities will also improve memory and attention and foster problem solving skills, reducing the risk of cognitive decline. Understanding that these exercises are beneficial and one must follow them regularly for better productivity is essential. Check out the different types of brain exercises.

1) Deep Breathing And Meditation: Sit or lie in a peaceful environment. Then take deep breaths. Focus on your breathing and clear all your thoughts from the brain. This will improve concentration power. Meditation will help you feel relaxed and more calm amidst the chaos of life.

2) Brain Teasers: Indulge yourself in activities like puzzles, Sudoku, crosswords etc. These activities trigger the brain’s cognitive function and foster problem solving skills. Also it helps to find solutions easily.

3) Mandala Art: Art is always satisfying. Engage yourself in such activities like mandala art or any craft you like. This helps the brain shift focus and it can be relaxing process for the brain.

4) Physical Exercises: In between work or your day take a small break and do physical activities like stretching, a short walk or some workout will improve blood circulation and boost your energy.

5) The Nature Ride: Amidst your hectic work life. Take short breaks and expose yourself in nature. Take a short walk in the garden which will make you feel relaxed and happy.