A healthy child is one who is physically active.

Children who participate in physical exercise have stronger muscles and bones, avoid gaining too much weight and have a lower chance of developing diabetes, cancer, and other diseases.

However, a child’s mental health can equally benefit from physical activity.

Physical activity, according to experts, improves children’s attitudes toward life by boosting self-esteem, reducing anxiety and sadness, and improving cognitive abilities.

How exercises work
One study found a relationship between moderate to intense physical exercise at ages 6 and 8 and reduced depressive symptoms two years later.

The other study came to the conclusion that cyber cycling enhances classroom performance for kids with behavioral issues.

Cybercycling entails using a stationary bike and viewing landscapes in virtual reality.

Researchers examined whether an aerobic cyber cycling physical education program might effectively engage and enhance behavioral control and classroom functioning in children and adolescents with complicated BHD by employing a randomized controlled crossover design.

The bikes were used twice a week during 30- to 40-minute physical education programs for students with autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, or mood problems.

As kids steadily increased their riding time and intensity over the course of seven weeks, researchers discovered that the program was beneficial.

According to research, aerobic exercise has a variety of beneficial effects on both children’s and adults’ moods and conduct.

The other research examined sedentary habits, physical activity, and middle childhood major depressive disorder symptoms.

Hibbert, a psychologist, teaches her patients how to utilize exercise to not only heal various ailments like sadness, heartache, and bad moods but also to avoid mental and physical sickness. She also teaches them how to use exercise to aid with relationship and family issues.

Source: Health Life


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