Who would not like to be the smartest person? Undoubtedly, many of us want to be the smartest and best version of ourselves. Also, bask in the glory of being a highly intellectual individual. However, nobody is smart since birth, but it is the process that makes you smart and here’s how you can improve yourself.

1) Teasers And Puzzles: Brain teasers and puzzles are games that help to improve brain power. In puzzles, one has to align the cubes, boards or paper to complete them in one thing. When one indulges oneself in puzzles like these, along with brain games like sudoku, crosswords, or logic games, it helps to challenge one’s brain and improve problem-solving skills.

2) Learning: When you are learning something new, whether it is a musical instrument or sports or activity, don’t stop the process of learning; keep doing it until you master the thing. With this, the brain learns to keep going instead of challenges and get better every day.

3) Never Stop Reading: Reading not only give you knowledge but also makes you open to new ideas and perception. Regularly reading intellectual books and material exposes the brain to new ideas. It also improves your vocabulary and comprehension.

4) Interaction: When individuals engage themselves in meaningful conversations, they gain knowledge and also understand how to tackle situations with the power of words. Also, communicating with people allows the exchange of ideas, culture and perceptions.