To be healthy and fit, one has to balance the consumption and usage of whatever you eat. A person should have 3 meals per day, not just that, and one should know what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast should be healthy, wholesome, and heavy so that you can be active throughout the day. In comparison, lunch should include things you like filled with energy and proteins. And dinner should be light with a healthy meal. Check out what you should avoid eating for dinner.

1) Do not consume deep-fried dishes to avoid acid reflux in the body. This mag ruins your balance in your stomach to avoid it at night.

2) The next is all those foods loaded with fat can affect digestion, like burgers, pizzas, cheese, etc.

3) Food rich in spices will increase the risk of indigestion, so you should avoid spicy food to keep your stomach fine.

4) You may crave sweet dishes at night but consuming them can harm your teeth. However, if you are brushing your teeth properly after consumption, then you can have it.

5) Food items rich in starch dis balances the blood sugar level and also result in weight gain. So it’s better to avoid eating them during dinner.

6) Avoid eating simple carbs like pizza, pasta, or bread at dinner to avoid unwanted weight gain.

7) Avoid consuming alcohol before you go to bed.

8) Do not consume cruciferous vegetables at night as it takes time to digest them.

Follow them for better health.