A huge number of individuals experience indigestion and acid reflux. The most often utilized treatment includes business meds, for example, omeprazole or some other antacid. In any case, Adjustments in the way we live and eat might be viable too. Basically, changing your dietary propensities or the manner in which you rest may fundamentally decrease your side effects of indigestion and heartburn, improving your personal satisfaction. Some such tips include: –

Avoid overeating – There is a door like structure in our oesophagus that prevents the acidic food from going up int the throat which is called oesophagus sphincter. Eating a large meal can constantly make that muscles to open allowing the acid to flow upwards. This is why, no matter how hungry you are, never feed your tummy from top to bottom.
Drink less alcohol – Drinking liquor may expand the seriousness of indigestion and acidity. It exasperates side effects by expanding stomach acids, loosening up the lower oesophagal sphincter and hindering the capacity of the throat to free itself from stomach acidity. Studies have indicated that moderate liquor admission may even be the reason reflux symptoms in strong people.
Chewing gum – A couple of studies show that chewing gum decreases causticity in the throat. Gum that contains bicarbonate seems, by all accounts, to be particularly viable. These discoveries demonstrate that chewing gum and the related increment in spit creation may help away from the throat of acidity.
Don’t eat too much chocolate – A study has proved that eating at least 4 ounces of chocolate makes the sphincter to open. Also. drinking chocolate shakes can increase the acid in your oesophagus and constantly make you burp.
Take a short walk after every meal – You are in a perfect standstill position and moving ahead when you walk. Being straight makes the food settle down easily due to gravity. If you directly sleep after eating, you will feel uneasy and sometime later the burning sensation in your chest due to acidity.
Keep time-gap between eating and sleeping – You should strictly eat before at least 3 hours and only then go to bed. Your main digestion process starts when you sleep. However, the food has to be churned and diluted properly in your stomach before sending it further. Eating a few hours before sleeping can help you achieve that.
Drink cold milk – Drinking cold milk when you feel acidity, can make the food contents in your stomach a little alkaline. It means that the acid has been diluted and it allows you to feel calm and easy.
Don’t drink aerated drinks – A study has found the people who drink carbonated drinks have more acid reflux than people who don’t. Also, drinking carbonated drinks can make the sphincter weak and then it open too often giving you an acidic burp. The carbon dioxide in these drinks make you burp more often and it weakens the sphincter.

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