You’re not alone if you think your hair isn’t as thick as it once was. The average person loses 50 to 100 hairs per day, and this number might rise if you don’t eat well, are stressed, or suffer from certain medical disorders.

Here are 7 reason of hair fall

1. Due to the aging process

Hair loss affects men and women differently as they become older. Male pattern baldness starts at the hairline and progresses to the sides of the head, where the hairs normally remain. The hairline is rarely affected by female pattern baldness. Instead, hair loss occurs on the crown of the head.

2. Genetic factors

Hair loss may be unavoidable in some cases owing to heredity. Hair loss is caused by a variety of hereditary factors. Despite the complexities of hair loss research, an useful tip is to look to your parents for answers. If your parents experienced hair loss as they got older, or if they had thin hair to begin with, you’re likely to have similar symptoms.

3. Diets that are low in protein

Hair loss can be caused by a lack of nutrition, particularly protein. Hair is mostly made up of a protein called keratin, hence protein is an important building ingredient.

4. Due to stress

Stress can cause your hair to thin since there is a direct link between the mind and body. Physical and emotional stress can have a significant impact on a variety of aspects of your life. Your hair’s health is no exception. Stress-related hair loss can occur anywhere between six weeks and three months following a stressful incident.

5. Damage caused by heat

Heat damage may be to blame if you straighten your hair or use other hot styling equipment frequently. This is due to the fact that heat styling can make hair brittle and weak, resulting in breakage.

6. Unbalanced hormones

Hair loss can be caused by having too much or too little of certain hormones. Because pinpointing which hormone is to blame might be tricky, we recommend seeing your doctor. A blood test might help you pinpoint which hormone is causing your symptoms if you feel a hormone imbalance is to blame for your hair loss.

7. Other medical problem

Hair thinning can be caused by a variety of medical diseases or deficits. Anemia, Vitamin D deficiency, Hypothyroidism are also one of the reason for hair fall.

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