In human beings, the gut microbiota has the largest number of bacteria’s and the greatest number of species. The lower gut if ever stressed it can affect the overall health of our body. Over 15 years later, it has seen an incredible development in studies proving time and the significant role the colon plays in immunity, bone density, weight, cancer prevention, inflammation, etc.

The health of the lower gut could not cure illness but we make your body healthy hair to prevent any further health issues. Here are the 5 habits or foods to improve your gut health, by adding these items you’ll definitely experience a change.

Consuming prebiotics and probiotics

Consuming such prebiotics and probiotics in your diet is the easiest way to quickly improve your lower gut health. Prebiotics are very beneficial for fertilizing the guts of good bacteria and also important for other health benefits. Foods such as wheat, onion, garlic, bananas, etc contain prebiotic fibers that are essential for the lower gut. Or if not possible add supplements for the same

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are always good for a healthier body. There is no harm in eating it in an ample, your meals should contain two-thirds of these nutrients. Dark leafy vegetables such as spinach and antioxidant fruits such as blueberries are a good pick.

Avoiding processed food and proteins

Processed foods are high in saturated trans fat and calories. Meat such as chicken is good for health but only in proportion. Your protein intake should be a Palm-size amount and more vegetables.

Manage your liquid intake

Drink your liquids in the proper amount which improves gut health and keeps you hydrated. Water should be included in the diet as per the required amount. Begin your day with a glass of water and also have it before sleep.

Manage your diet

Plan out your diet, make a note if you eat anything apart from your diet or daily routine. Try to make a note of how much junk do you eat in a day or how much nutrients you need which are not fulfilled by you, and try to incorporate it into your diet.

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