Lasting satisfaction is showcased as the most significant life purpose. Many brands attempt to persuade us that we can possibly accomplish resolute happiness in the event that we obtain more stuff to make our lives satisfying and fun. Also, as it is genuinely simple to achieve, we enthusiastically depend on this mantra of available never-ending joy. But when we define happiness by buying more of possessing more items, we lose the essence of real happiness. That kind of happiness never lasts longer than the expiry date of the products you buy. The moment things around you that make you happy disappear, the smile on your face will vanish as well.

However, this does have a solution. The solution to obtain eternal bliss is to find happiness in the things that will never end in your life and will always keep coming in the future. Do you feel happy when your parents admire you? Do you feel happy while spending valuable time with your younger siblings? Do you always smile and laugh when you are looking after a baby and playing with it? If yes, then you are already living a life that provides you with permanent happiness. Sitting in front of your TV or playing video games will give you joy that lasts for a day. But spending the same time with your friends or family and laughing with them will help you make millions of positive memories. You can relive these memories anytime just by closing your eyes. And this very same practice will give you happiness each time you do it.

Even these moments won’t last forever, but it will surely last longer than any other source of happiness. This is because nothing lasts forever. You cannot keep working at your dream job forever. You cannot eat your favourite food every day as it might bring your health concerns. You cannot play every day as it may affect your success. And this is how you cannot expect yourself to be always happy. You must accept this fact and still try to be happy for as long as you can, despite what life may put you through.