Our sense of belonging distinguishes us from the majority of other creatures and belonging to a group brings comfort and security by extending our lifespan and thus boosting our chances of surviving. We’re always looking for our tribe, yet our aspirations aren’t always aligned with our goals. The concept of “fitting in” erodes self-esteem, and we end up adjusting to what appears to be normal or correct. This causes us to lose sight of who we are, leading us down the path of insecurity rather than acceptance. Here are a few reasons why accepting of self is important

1) Helps to progress

Self-acceptance helps you recognize your positive and undesirable qualities, as well as relieves emotions of guilt and dissatisfaction. We set ourselves up for progress when we accept who we are. This will allow you to grow and improve as a person and in your life.

2) Helps to explore hidden talents

Accepting who you allow you to create a space for the exploration of hobbies that you would not have taken attention to otherwise. Being at ease with oneself will encourage positive self-talk and instill enthusiasm in your self-care routines.

3) Self-care

You’ll notice that you have more energy after you start taking care of yourself by eating correctly and taking care of your body. Self-acceptance entails taking charge of your life, which gives you a sense of power and assurance.

4) Confidence about oneself

Self-acceptance focuses on what you need, you will begin to appreciate and enjoy what you have. You can open the doors to forging your own trail by shifting your attention and energy away from others and towards yourself. You’ll have more confidence in manifesting your goals since you won’t be held back by a sense of inadequacy.

5) Mental-wellbeing

Our psychological well-being can suffer if we don’t accept ourselves. Being harsh on oneself can result in despair, anxiety, eating disorders, and other health problems. Refusing to accept yourself might make you concerned about your body, causing your brain to send out more stress signals. Thus acceptance of self can have a positive impact on one’s general health and emotional well-being.
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