Many people are unable to keep themselves sexual encounters, fantasies, and deepest and darkest thoughts. We all know one person who shares everything with everyone, maybe even the one they just met at the bar. On the other hand, this may seem completely fine to many. Because such people think they are “open” to everything. On the other hand, this openness can be unpleasant and embarrassing for some. But have you ever wondered why someone tends to share too much? Or why is it so easy to tell others everything? There are some things you need to know about their way of thinking.

They often very much want to connect with someone

Such people are often very lonely in their lives. Whatever the reason, they are always looking for someone to connect with. Their fear and loneliness make them great traitors.

For many, over-sharing is an unconscious act.

In many cases, people do not recognize it until they reveal important details about their private lives. From time to time they notice this and find it vulnerable. In other cases, they are always aware of this but do not consider it a problem.

Oversharer may not have a good internal sensor

The internal sensor allows you to filter what you need to tell and what you should avoid. However, the oversharer may not be able to “read” the audience and may not fully understand the boundaries.

You may be from an orator’s family.

A person whose excessive sharing comes from a family of ordinary speakers can repeat this behavior in their daily lives. In that sense, oversharing is what they have in their genes and they have little control over it.

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