Laughing and being happy is a characteristic thing with kids. If you invest some energy playing with them, it is easy to get tainted with their glad and joyful faces. While there are a few moments when children get sad, you find that you can take in some things from them about overlooking their sadness similarly as fast. It is additionally conceivable that you begin to recollect when you used to be a child and how life appeared to be so natural and without stresses and challenges of life. The reasons why kids are as happy as they always are can be unlimited. They don’t have a particular one or two reasons to be positive and happy-go-lucky all the time. They probably don’t understand the meaning of being happy for silly and little things in their lives, but they still follow it unknowingly.

      Some common reasons why they are jolly all the time can include: –

  • Cartoons –

Kids have a habit of watching cartoons all the time on TV. A cartoon is always fun and comedy. It makes them laugh and giggle and that’s one reason why they are happy.

  • Proud of themselves –

Whether they make a drawing, mud castle or a Lego art, it always makes them proud about building or creating stuff. It may not be important for us, but for them, it’s like an achievement.

  • No work –

We all can agree that kids don’t that to submit any project report or make a presentation. They are free of all the worries in the world and only know playing! This is why they are always in a good mood.

  • Toys – 

Some kids are highly insecure about sharing their toys whereas some like to show them off to their friends. Playing or collecting toys gives them absolute pleasure and happiness.

  • Loved unconditionally –

No one expects kids to do household chores or earn a living for the family. They are just loved and adored all the time. This love makes them overwhelmed and they feel protected and cared. This is the best kind of happiness.

  • Food –

Kids are very particular about their food. They become less picky about their food and understand its value but as long as they are too young, they will be picky. When we give them chocolates, cake or any other sweets, it makes them jump and dance out of happiness.

  • First of everything –

As they are just growing up to see or face the world, there are few things they do for the first time. It may include, the first swim, first time riding a bicycle, first time bathing by themselves and many other things. It makes them feel mature and they are full of themselves.

These are only some of the common reasons why children are always happy. There are many other little things that they are happy about. In fact, that is one of their specialties as kids, being happy for absolutely no reason!!

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