It occurs to all of us – we wake up one morning and discover we’re in a poor circumstance in some way. We may think things like “well, other people are fine with it,” or “maybe I haven’t worked hard enough to make this work,” depending on our personalities.

It’s your right to leave if you’re in an unhealthy situation, one that isn’t helping you, or one that is just plain bad.

This is how you do it.

1. Recognize the situation.

You can skip to Step 2 if you’ve already had your wake-up-in-the-morning feeling. However, if you’re merely sad or have a nagging sense you can’t put your finger on, here’s what to do-

Begin by devoting 10 minutes to clearing your mind of any distractions. Turn off your phone and store it somewhere safe. Turn your computer off. Remove yourself from other people and potential distractions. Then, in that ten minutes, begin writing about that nagging mood, general misery, or things that irritate you.

2. Give a description of it.

Make a list of your current circumstances as if you were describing it to a stranger. What exactly is it about your circumstance that isn’t working for you? Make a list that is as long and detailed as possible. Get it out, and get it out, and get it out, and get it out, and get it out.

3. Look for a more favorable scenario.

Now you’re going to make something up with your imagination. Don’t be concerned about being realistic or how you’ll get there. Suspend your disbelief and tell your fantastic brain how to take a rest for this step. Allow your imagination to run wild. Make a detailed list of what a good circumstance would look like, just as you did before. Be as descriptive as possible, as previously.

4. Take a little move in the direction of it.

Take a look at your bad and favorable situations. Consider one small action you could do to go from bad to good when comparing the two. Something insignificant. Tiny. Something that can be completed in the next five minutes.

5. Make a list of the next three stages.

With that one modest victory under your belt, make a list of the next three steps you’ll need to take to get to your ideal position. Only choose three, and don’t worry about the big picture; instead, concentrate on the three next steps that will get you from where you are to where you want to be.

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