What exactly does this imply? How does it exemplify the importance of positive thought and how does it teach us how to be happy?

We ponder, utter words, and take appropriate action. However, when our words and actions are out of sync, we are essentially teaching ourselves and others that we are untrustworthy. In other words, we lack morals in our beliefs, vocabulary, and deeds. This might cause us to lose faith in ourselves, which can lead to a loss of self-esteem.

Positive thinking and performing better are built on a foundation of self-esteem. We must first accept and respect one self before we can do the same for others. We are entities who “think.” It is hard for us to remain unconcerned. Then we express ourselves. Our ideas leave the domain of the non-physical and enter the world of form as a result of this.

We are out of harmony when our actions don’t match our words. When we don’t do what we say we’ll do, we’ve broken our word. If you’re having trouble reconciling your words and deeds, simply write down all of the verbal agreements you’ve made, both to yourself and others, and then determine what to do with each one individually.

Will you be able to keep your word? Is it necessary to toss it out or negotiate it? Be truthful. Consider how much time it will take, as well as your commitment to do what you say you’ll do and get it accomplished.

Don’t keep any unfinished commitments on your plate because they will deplete your stamina

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