Happiness is the one thing everybody needs and we spend our whole lives seeking after it. However, these days it is by all accounts getting trickier. The word ‘satisfaction’ is bandied about a ton nowadays, it shows up in advertisements around the globe in an offer to sell us a greater amount of what we so frantically are looking for. During a time when we have all the conditions to be cheerful for what reason does it seem like we are really getting more troubled? Numerous obstructions keep us from being cheerful yet the uplifting news is that they are all inside our control. Here are the things that stop you from being happy: –

  1. We are scared – So frequently we can stay stuck where we are because we fear the change around us. This can be the fear of the obscure, of disappointment, of what individuals may think about you, of taking a chance with our security and what is agreeable and ‘safe’. It takes fortitude to stride outside our usual range of familiarity and creates things that are unique and new.
  2. We depend on others – Your happiness is solely dependent on the things you do for yourself. No one else is responsible if you are happy or sad. We put our happiness on hold until the situations turn to be perfect. But the sad truth is that conditions are never perfect and never will be. You have to get accustomed to any situations and make happiness for yourself.
  3. Comparing yourself to others – We face a daily reality such that we are encircled by standards and the media gives us better forms of pretty much everything and a mentality that we should make progress towards being like others. So, there’s no big surprise that a large number of us feel like we’re insufficient. Tragically there will consistently be somebody more delightful, astute, capable or more grounded than you. So, as opposed to contrasting yourself with others, you should hope to check whether you’re satisfying your potential as well as it could be expected.
  4. Expecting too much – Whether you have a million expectations from yourself or from others, expecting a lot from anyone can be harmful to your happiness. These ridiculous desires put a superfluous focus on us. Try not to anticipate flawlessness from yourself or from life and realize that we don’t generally have to have everything sorted out.