Every day, there is so much to be furious about because life is unjust. Because life is difficult, we require empathy. And the more we collaborate, the more bearable this journey will be. Empathy, on the other hand, isn’t always easy. Our ability to give and receive empathy is harmed by life experiences.

As a result of their inner agony, people act out in bad ways (e.g., violent, uncaring, etc.). Even though we as outsiders find it difficult to comprehend the anguish, it is undeniably present. Though intellectually understanding the exact origins and dynamics of the individual’s sorrow may be beneficial, it is not always possible because you cannot get inside another person’s thoughts.

However, we can accept that the other person is suffering. Once we accept this, we may compare it to our own and consequently feel empathy. This is quite challenging right now. Take a deep breath and close your eyes if you’re feeling irritable. Imagine yourself “breathing in” the sorrow of the other person as you take that breath.

This will allow you to reduce your anger and you will slowly feel lighter as you feel what the other person is experiencing, as you feel their pain.

Even though another person is plainly the “cause” of your rage, it’s important to remember that it’s his or her suffering that’s at the root of the cruel acts. Yes, people are accountable for their actions, but it’s also important to realize that it’s human to act out when you’re in pain. It is your job to determine how you react internally to someone’s behavior, what you choose to focus on, and how you think about it. Giving someone else control over you by blaming them for your feelings is giving them power over you.

True, you may have been a victim of someone’s aggressiveness at the time, but you are the only one who can keep yourself a victim by carrying negativity with you. When you help yourself by letting go of your anger, you also benefit others.

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