Happiness is important in life, and yes who doesn’t like being happy?! But many times we tend to focus on the external world for our happiness. We find reasons from the external world to feel happy and good about ourselves. We seek assurances about our well-being from the external world, rather than feeling satisfied and contented among ourselves. We allow the external world to exude power and control over us, knowingly or unknowingly.

When we feel contended in ourselves, we feel happy. Often we tend to focus less on what makes us happy and rather do things that would make society happy. It’s also important that we don’t take people’s opinions, judgments, harsh words, or even compliments seriously.

Our choices, things we do on our day to day basis seem to have a huge influence on “what the society wants”. We shy away, ignore and feel anxious to pursue our dream job, partner, or even things that would make us happy. We are embarrassed for chasing it, just because we know that, it won’t fit the society’s standards.

But, instead of thinking from society’s point view and not letting it hold control over you, why not think from your point of view? Why not ask your heart and mind, that what it wants? When you seek what your “self” wants more, only then does everything become a great source of happiness for you.

While eventually making the society powerless and making it get rid of the power it had upon you.

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