In today’s world to achieve something or to fit ourselves in the standards of the society we often forget about ourselves. When we want to fit ourselves in society, we tend to change ourselves, just for the sake of society. In this process, we neglect and betray our self and our true self. But we need to stop doing this and stop neglecting and betraying ourselves.

Here are the ways to stop neglecting and betraying yourself

1. Accept with grace all that you face

Accept all the grievances, negative emotions, and the inner chaos that might emerge. Do not ignore them. And let stuff be as they are without trying to change or fix them in any way. When you do not neglect such things, automatically you stop neglecting yourself as well.

2. Treat yourself with gentleness

Provide yourself the love, comfort, and appreciation you truly need and deserve in these times. Appreciate that you did the best you knew how. And now that you know better, you can do better. Don’t change what you have done. Lend yourself all you deserve. Give love and respect for yourself.

3. Self-Acceptance

Although it may be struggling, accepting yourself is the focal point of renouncing self-betrayal. Self-betrayal is a little like suicide. You’re murdering your true self to satisfy others and suit into the person they want you to become. However, when you become truthful with yourself, you’ll acknowledge your strengths and your drawbacks. Accept yourself the way you are and do not betray yourself just by changing your true self for others.

4. Speak your Truth

Begin by saying “yes”, just when you feel like saying “yes”, and “no”, just when you feel like saying “no”. Dare to recite your truth at all times and do it with dignity and faith. If you don’t speak the truth you betray yourself, you neglect what you want.
So instead speak the truth and pay attention to what you want.

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