We are all unique individuals who live our lives in our own manner. Every day, we make decisions that have an impact on our lives, some of which are conscious and some of which are not. We have a set of habits that we follow day in and day out.

Some of these behaviors are beneficial to our health, pleasure, and well-being, while others are detrimental.

Look at your habits to see what needs to change if you’re not feeling lively, cheerful, compassionate, or serene.

Here are some ways to start practicing happiness

1. Take responsibility for your own happiness

Accept that you are solely responsible for your happiness. If you’re having a hard time finding joy, consider what needs to change on the inside.

2. Meditation

Take your Golden Pause and meditate daily. Encourage yourself to breathe into your body. Become one with your body and mind. In the present moment, it’s difficult to feel anything but happiness and joy.

3. Be grateful for what you have

Spend more time considering what you have to be grateful for rather than what you need. Gratitude should be written down, spoken aloud, and lived. When you are grateful for what you have, your happiness will increase tenfold.

4. Refocus your thoughts

Spend more time discussing the positive aspects of your life rather than the unpleasant aspects of your life. Worrying, rumination, self-judgment, and the fear of rejection are all negative mental processes that keep us unhappy and unable to progress. Pause and refocus your thoughts if you catch yourself thinking badly. Your brain will get more capable of doing this on its own over time.

5. Look for the silver linings

Everything we encounter has the potential to be a disappointment if we choose to see it that way. However, if you look for the positives or silver linings in your life, you may be astonished to find a lot of them.

This talent has also been connected to a stronger ability to cope with stress and a higher level of resilience.

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