For all the foodies and non-foodies out there, food is love and food is life. The only difference is, some eat to live while some live to eat. Food is a source of energy, a fuel to our body that keeps us intact the whole day, which helps in the proper functioning of our internal and external bodily systems. Sometimes we tend to flinch away from the food that isn’t our favourite! But we should learn to love, appreciate and appreciate all kinds of food.

When eating food, it’s important that you focus your whole attention on the food that you eat, keep yourself away from all sorts of distractions and electronic gadgets, it should feel like a true “food time”. A good mouthful and a good mouthfeel of morsel you consume will make you feel amazing after you enjoy every flavour of your food mindfully.

Don’t shy away from eating your food in your style, let the world watch, who cares? When your non-favourite meal is cooked in the house, you try to avoid it like plague but remind yourself that there are millions of people in the world who are starving, who don’t get their daily bread, some malnourished little children die due to scarcity of food, so thank God for every single bread you get to eat each day.

It’s also important that we keep all our worries and work load aside while having our food and pay our complete attention towards it and in this manner we will truly enjoy what we are eating.

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