Bullies can be of different types and many people have to deal with bullies as children or an adult.

Here are some ways to deal with bullies.

1. Feel your inner strength

Bullies try to make you feel that you lack strength and that you are less of a person. Which is not true. They deliberately make you feel weak and less important and therefore you need to draw your inner strength.

2. Develop coping mechanisms

Avoid reacting to bullying. It is better to walk away than to react to them because they gain a sense of satisfaction when you are uncomfortable or feel hurt. It will further encourage them.

3. Learn to work your way around the bullies

Avoid your bullies in school or in social settings. If they are unable to find you, they can’t bully you. Also, be subtle while avoiding them. Try your best to not show that you are avoiding them.

4. Reflect an insult back to a verbal attacker

Do not show any attention to the bully that they are hungry for instead insult back to the verbal attacker. It would be the bully’s worst nightmare as they lack power in such cases.

5. Outsmarting the bully

Bullies are not usually smart so you can use this to your advantage by making fun of themselves. Laugh on whatever they have to say and ensure to laugh harder with the worst insult that comes up. It can be frustrating for them because they want to see you cry and not laugh.

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