Dogs are indeed man’s best friend. Even studies have proven that they have a positive impact on our overall well-being and health.

Following are the ways a dog can help a person bring happiness in life;

1.They are the Best Comedians

Dogs are the best comedians, by their antics and playfulness they always tend to make us laugh. Their antics, their excitement, their playfulness always somehow make us happy.

2.They never let us feel lonely

Being lonely is not such as good feeling but when you have a dog around you, you can never feel that awful feeling. Whenever you feel lonely, they are always there for you and somehow try to make you happy with their antics.

3.They reduce our stress

Studies have shown petting dogs releases oxytocin hormones and makes you feel more relaxed. Therefore, when you are stressed, spending some time with your dog may reduce your stress.

Dogs cheer up your mood and make you forget all your worries.

4.They make it impossible to stay angry

When dogs act all naughty, their puppy dog eyes are enough to melt down our anger. If you are angry or frustrated, a simple snuggle from them will fade away your frustrations.

5. Unconditional Love

Dogs are the true definition of unconditional love. They will love you no matter what and give you a sense of belongingness.

They make you believe that someone out there loves you and cares for you. This alone adds some degree of happiness to life.

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