Helping others makes you feel happiness in its true sense. Life is not only about making yourself happy but also about being a part of others’ happiness. It is about serving and caring for those around you.

When you look beyond yourself and focus your attention towards others, your needs and problems take backstage making you realise that you are not alone with the problems. You gain a broader picture of life.

Serving others will make you feel useful and accomplished knowing that you were the cause of someone else’s happiness. You’ll find happiness is in helping others because:

  • You Gain Purpose in Life

Helping others add meaning to our lives making us feel happy and content. Attaining your personal goals won’t give you as much joy as helping another will.

When you help others, you fill in the void within you adding colours to your life.

  • You Become Resilience

When you are not the centre of attention to yourself, you develop a perspective that you are not the only one with problems. As a result, your problems seem to be negligible and you are less likely to be overwhelmed by them.

Other people’s life stories will inspire and make you bolder to overcome obstacles on your way.

  • Your Connections Expands

Happiness is all about building connections while helping others. To find true joy, involvement in others’ life is essential rather than being isolated. When you voluntarily become a listener and a giver you develop good and healthy connections with those around you.

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