When a pandemic is present, it might be challenging to be upbeat and cheerful. At times, you may feel drained of energy and excitement as well as sleepy and lethargic. But no matter how difficult things may be, it’s important to remain positive and approach each task with a grin. The state of being happy is real.

When you are surrounded by positivity, happiness comes naturally. To feel joyful, energizing, and hopeful, consider the following quotations.

1.”The quality of the thing to which we are emotionally attracted determines whether we are happy or unhappy in all cases,” Baruch Spinoza

2.”Great pieces of good fortune happen very seldom; happiness consists rather of conveniences of pleasure that happen every day.”Benjamin Franklin

3.”Happiness is not a rational ideal; it is a product of imagination.” Kant Immanuel

4.”Even a joyful existence cannot be without some darkness, and if there were no sadness to counteract it, the term happy would lose its meaning. It is far preferable to have patience and maintain your composure while things unfold, “Carl Jung

5.”Liberation is the key to happiness, and bravery is the key to liberation, “Carrie Jones

6.”Your happiness or unhappiness is not caused by what you have, who you are, where you are, or what you are doing. It is what you make of it.” Dale Carnegie

7.” When they obtain something too readily, people become dissatisfied. The only lesson they are aware of is that you have to work hard.” Dany Laferrière

8.”We are powerless over the planet. Our responses to it are the only things we can (almost) control. Happiness is mostly a decision, not a privilege or obligation.” Dave C. Hill

Source: Pinkvilla

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