Humans experience a variety of emotions. like love, joy, sorrow, anxiety, etc. Fear is one of the most striking ones. When we detect a threat, we have this emotional response. Our minds and organs undergo various modifications as a result of fear. Our nervous system is also affected. While we are terrified, we can either freeze, flee, or become aggressive and fight back. Confrontation or the act of avoiding a threat might trigger this emotion. It can also be triggered by the discovery of something terrifying. Fear is an extremely potent emotion. It has the potential to keep us from making the development we desire in our lives.

Fear is the driving force behind inaction. Fear is the whisper that tells us that if we attempt, the chances of failure are greater than the chances of success, that rejection is more likely than acceptance, and that doing nothing is the better option. When we are constantly living in fear, it makes us feel anxious and destroys our happiness. It can also make us doubt ourselves and make us feel sad about ourselves. Here are a few ways how you can destroy fear and be happy in life.

1) Acceptance

Many of us have concerns that keep us from doing things we want to do. We turn a blind eye to them and refuse to recognize them. Furthermore, we pretend that the anxieties are unfounded. Our concerns linger in the background, harassing us throughout our lives. As a result, address your concerns to reduce their power over you. Accept their existence and discuss their impact on you.

2) Assertiveness

Developing assertiveness and challenging negative thought patterns are two things to work on. The only way to overcome our fears is to face them head-on. Set aside your fears and just do it.

3) Go beyond logic

If you keep fearing on the basis of what happened in the past, it is best to let go of that fear. Sometimes just accepting that things happen for a reason and go way beyond logic will help to overcome your past fears and help you be happier.

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