To achieve happiness, we need to control some things and we need to do some things. And only you are capable of controlling those things.

Here are the things we can control and do to be happy:

1. Your self-talk

This is one of the most significant things which one can control. Self-talking is of two types, from which one is negative self-talking and the other is positive self-talk. Through negative self-talking, we end up hurting ourselves and through positive self-talk, we make ourselves happy. But people tend to follow negative self-talking more. To be happy, you need to control your negative self-talk and do positive self-talk.

2. Your diet

Even though junk food might taste great, it is not good for you. It makes your brain and body slow and sad. Consuming a healthier diet simply means that we have sufficient nutrients to make all of the essential processes in the body run smoothly. And if your brain and body are healthy, you ultimately become happy.

3. Your sleep

Keeping a habit of sufficient sleep is a good way of providing your body as well mind the calmness and relaxation it needs. Sorrow and anxiety may well provide an obstacle to sleep, but you can strike back by nurturing your sleep cycle to regularity. The way you control your sleep pattern depends on you.

4. How many times do you smile

The amount of time you smile in a day depends on you. A smiling face always keeps yourself as well as the people around you happy. Try to smile more and more to be happy.

5 . Your gratitude

Being thankful towards the people who are helpful to you can be a great source of happiness to them, and when you deliver happiness to others you ultimately become happy. So be grateful towards others even in small little things.

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