Confidence, perhaps more than any other personality trait, is significantly linked to success. It improves a person’s ability to take risks and pursue commercial opportunities. Confident people are perceived as more beautiful than insecure people, and they enjoy a larger circle of high-quality interactions. What is it about self-assurance that attracts people? First and foremost, it’s vital to understand what confidence is and isn’t. It’s not pride or a superiority complex toward others. Rather, it is a quiet self-confidence in one’s abilities, without the arrogance that accompanies arrogance. Here are some of the things we hear from people who are actually confident.

1. “I don’t worry about it”

“If” or when you go to a confident friend with a list of reasons things go wrong, you may get this kind of relief. It’s because confident people are less prone to be worried. They recognize that even if something goes wrong, they have power over it. It’s the persistent feeling that no matter what happens good or bad they’ll be fine.

2. “Go for it”

A sense of optimism goes hand in hand with a lack of concern. Those who are really confident expect positive things to happen. At the same time, their track record of making informed decisions shows that they can alleviate their optimism with real-life doses.

3. “Why not me?”

Instead of waiting for the next opportunity, people confidently go find it. They may make the right connections, demand salary increases, or take the risk. These individuals have a vision for the future and plan their own path to reach it.

4. “Can you help me?”

Everyone has drawbacks, but self-confidence is not something to admit oneself. Confident people are more interested in improving themselves, acquiring valuable skills, and doing a good job than others think when asking for help.

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