Emotional support is a sympathetic and empathetic approach to assisting people in accepting and dealing with their problems or illnesses. Allowing a person to express their anxieties and fears, as well as get consolation from a compassionate, empathetic, and loving individual and improve their strength to care for themselves. Emotional support can arrive from family, friends, or healthcare professionals, but according to The American Institute of Stress, emotional support is most beneficial when we can share our feelings or burdens with others who are going through or have gone through similar issues. One option to get emotional support is to go to a support group.


Although some people assume that requiring emotional assistance is a sign of weakness, research has proven that it is beneficial. Others are frequently discouraged from obtaining emotional assistance due to shame and embarrassment. There should be no stigma attached to requesting assistance. I’ve found that having the chance to talk to individuals who have gone through similar life events has aided me in overcoming my obstacles and maintaining a healthier and happier mindset. Although emotional assistance is not required, we were created with a mind, body, and spirit. I’ve discovered that all sides of a person must be cared for and maintained. A huge component of helping us deal with life issues would be lacking if emotional support was not included.


Clinical studies have proven that emotional support can extend longevity, improve psychological function, and improve immune system performance, which has largely answered critics of the necessity for emotional support. Having a pet can be advantageous in terms of emotional support. Receiving emotional support from family, friends, pastors, people who have lived with similar situations, and sympathetic health professionals have all helped me overcome my difficulties. Having their emotional support allows me to continue to deal with my present life issues and will also assist me in dealing with future challenges. Some numerous organizations and resources offer emotional support to people who are dealing with mental illness.

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