The capital has some neighborhoods that are rather old, but there are some that are so cool that you’ll want to go back there more than once. Here are some of the hippest neighborhoods in Delhi that you really must visit while you’re there.

Aged Delhi

If you skip visiting Old Delhi, your trip to Delhi would be incomplete! The Shah Jahan established it in 1638, which is why its original name was Shahjahanabad. It is a popular destination for both visitors and residents.

City of Connaught

All tourists like visiting Connaught Place, a famous landmark in Delhi. It used to be a very wooded region before the British chose to establish a commercial hub there.

Town of Hauz Khas

It is one of Delhi’s trendiest neighborhoods and contains some intriguing Medieval history. It’s a great area to hang out with friends because of its thriving nightlife and fantastic caf├ęs.

Town of Lodhi

Unquestionably, when visiting Delhi, you should check out this posh neighborhood. This location will take you back to the 1940s because it was the final residential neighborhood to be constructed during the British Empire.

Majoru ka Tila

Majnu ka Tila, often known as the Little Tibet, is a fortified city on the Yamuna river’s banks. When the Tibetan Rebellion against China began in Lhasa in 1959, this neighborhood was created. Many locals arrived during this time after fleeing Tibet.

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