How a person sees their own body and how attractive they feel themselves to be is body image. Most people are concerned with their body image. Body image concerns do not rise because we see ourselves in the mirror but due to the history which has given importance to beauty of the human body. Views of popular standards have affected how a person sees their own body.

Here are the simple ways to improve body image.

1. Avoid the offending media

Media has a huge impact on how we feel about ourselves. So avoid social media that is likely going to affect how you see yourself. Especially the media that focuses on body image.

2. Seek media which reinforces positive self-image

Access the media which promotes positive things. Refer to magazines and media that talk about travel, wellness and other positive things.

3. Avoid conversations about appearance

Do not partake in discussions which focus on someone’s looks. Instead focus on how the person is feeling. When you discuss someone else’s looks, your thoughts automatically lead to your own appearance.

4. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones

Whenever any negative thoughts pop up as you look at yourself in the mirror, push them away and replace them with positive ones. Smile a confident smile at yourself!

5. Find purpose

When you have a purpose in life, you get too busy fulfilling that purpose that you don’t have time to worry about looks.

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