Anger is what most people struggle with and complain about getting easily angry, aggressive and bursting out at people when things don’t go their way. Anger has overpowered mostly everyone. There are psychological reasons why people feel overwhelmed, angry and can’t hold control.

When an inner desire is unmet or if a person is going through issues, is sad or if there is something that’s troubling them for a long time and haven’t vented it out, people tend to get angry. There are even biological reasons like hunger and lack of intimacy that can make a person angry easily and at times a person’s environment, genes, family play a huge role.

To survive societal relationships, it’s important that we maintain our cool and relentlessly bursting out on others is not going to help instead it would create more problems.

We all should remember that matters are resolved through two means and that is aggressively and calmly, the choice is ours. Whenever we feel extremely angry, we should try to calm ourselves down by breathing deep.

Try to divert your attention to something interesting or different that intrigues you, this will help you calm up.

Escape to a place or a room and just close your eyes and visualise something very peaceful, for eg: the calm ocean.

Write in a journal or diary about how you feel and how you would react supposedly.

Just mum yourself, don’t speak a word when you feel boiled up.

Play your favourite music and exercise. Also, flex your muscles when you feel triggered. This can help you calm down.

Avoid watching fight scenes or aggressive documentaries because you react similarly to what you watch. Learn from movies and people around you on how they try to control their aggression

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