The world is any which way cruel and it could really use some kindness. Being good to someone won’t cost you much. Simple gestures have the power to change someone’s day. It could be as simple as assisting someone in carrying a heavy suitcase, holding a door open for a shopper with multiple bags, or assisting someone in retrieving their misplaced possessions.

These good deeds not only benefit the recipients, but they also make the donor happier and more pleased, according to scientists.

Here are a few reasons to be good towards others

1. Aids in the development of a positive self-identity

You, like most others, like to think of yourself as a good human, and everything you can do to encourage this notion will help you develop a favorable self-image. It helps to increase your sense of self-worth when you perceive yourself in this light.

2. Creates stronger social bonds

Volunteering or assisting in your community can help you form new connections. This increases your social relationships, which is both satisfying and reassuring.

3. You feel happier

You may have observed an increase in your feelings of contentment and satisfaction after doing something good for someone. A positive feedback loop is what this is called. When you are kind to others, it makes you feel better on the inside.

4. You make the world a better place

Being good allows you to realize what is genuinely valuable in the world. When you are good towards others, you make your little contribution towards making the world a better place to be in.

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