Before you get started on developing your ideal morning routine, keep one thing in mind: a fantastic morning routine will not fix all of your problems. having a checklist to do first thing in the morning will not benefit everyone. To begin with, you don’t want your morning routine to be compromised by a lack of sleep. If you have to get up so early to maintain your habit that you forgo enough sleep, you’re making a trade-off that will eventually harm your mental health and overall well-being. Sleep is more vital than early mornings. Sleep is just as important as eating and breathing, but many of us regard sleep as a purely voluntary aspect of our total health. When your body (and mind) have had adequate rest, it has the same benefits as having a morning routine: you’re less worried and anxious, and you’re more productive. To make a morning routine worthwhile, you must first acquire the recommended eight hours of sleep.

Tip: Not Everyone Is Made For Morning Routines

Attempting to hack or over-optimize your life might lead to you doing things because you believe you should, rather than because they genuinely work for you. Some people are more productive and content if they get up at noon and sleep after midnight. Because they have children, lack financial security, and must command ute long distances to work or work numerous jobs, some people may not have the luxury of scheduling a morning routine that includes exercise, meditation, and a homemade smoothie. Remember, not everyone successful has these fantastic morning habits. And just because you don’t have a morning schedule doesn’t mean you can’t be effective. If you don’t have the time or mental capacity to perform everything in the morning, a midnight routine may be even more beneficial. For some people, their most productive hours are at night. Early in the morning, not everyone is at their best.

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