This phrase, “Look for the good and you will find it” inclines to a beautiful interpretation of averting our mindset and gaze towards the ‘optimistic’ and the ‘good’. Believe that when you focus on the positive or think positively everything will eventually appear great and good! But is it that easy to find goodness in everything? No, it isn’t that easy peasy! It all starts in a person’s mind. Our mindset, thinking process, the circle we choose, belong to, and grow with, things that we read and listen to, etc, have a great impact on how we interpret and perceive things.

Often we get absorbed by the overpowering negative thoughts; we tend to overthink about things, we glorify our faults more than our achievements, curse ourselves for being a certain way, not just that but we also tend to project our insecurities onto others while mocking on their looks, attitude, behaviour, skin colour, body shape, etc.

We tend to see the glass half empty rather than considering it half full. We tend to focus more on the negative and in such a circumstance, how do we look for the good? The best possible way is to get yourself involved in a space, a realm of positivity created by great influencers and thinkers, reading material that would greatly impact our minds. These all are external factors but self-actualization, internalization, and reflecting on one’s self; doing good and being generous to everyone is a great deed one can adopt. Once you start looking for the good in yourself eventually it will be reflected in your behavior and perception of others; be it humans, animals, or objects. So, look for the good and you will find it.

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