Probably one of the hardest effects of social media, according to scientists, is the tendency of Facebook and other similar sites to induce jealousy. You see your pals sharing happy selfies in exotic locations and modestly bragging about their professional and personal achievements, and you start to feel that your own life isn’t up to par.

Of course, we all understand that our real-life identities and our carefully managed online selves are vastly different, but it’s still all too easy to fall into the trap of allowing other people’s flawless social media profiles to convince you that you’re falling short.

Everyone’s social media or Instagram postings are just a small part of their lives, and they are simply updating the moments and images that show they are pleased. After all, it’s life, and everyone has their sorrows and routines; you’re just being forced to focus on the happier aspects of their lives.

It’s as simple as this: if you continue updating your happier moments, others will assume you’re truly happy and enjoying yourself, which is only a guess. Don’t be deceived or stressed into thinking that others are overjoyed while you aren’t.

Happiness comes from within. One should genuinely feel it from the inside to experience it in life. Don’t let social media posts fool you.

Everyone has their struggle. Behind every smile you see, there’s a painful story that you are not aware of. So instead of being unsatisfied and disappointed in life because your life is not as happy as someone on social media be happy with what you have in life

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