According to Jim Rohn, Discipline is an invisible bridge between goals and accomplishments. It is about doing what you don’t want to but have to in order to achieve what you want.

When things are easy, you don’t need discipline as you are already excited about doing them. Happiness, success and achievements are easy to acquire, all you need is discipline.

Well, things that are easy to do are also easy not to do. It’s easy to do things that are easy but if you decide not to do it and predict how this lack of discipline affects your future, it might result in underachievement and unhappiness.

Without discipline nothing is possible and discipline also forms a bridge between where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow.

Discipline is about doing difficult things that others are unwilling to do. Even when others give up you strive hard for a long time, until the uncomfortable thing becomes comfortable.

It is about spending time with the right people who tend to be a positive influence. Treat discipline as your ally rather than your foe. As an ally, it helps you to win all the battles in life and you can achieve success.

Neglection leads to regrets whereas discipline leads to achievement. Both are contagious. One discipline leads to another, another to another and this cycle continues as you aspire great success in life. Similar is the case with neglect.

Jim Rohn believes that when the bridge of discipline wavers or needs a repair, one should stick to it and repair it until one reaches the end to embrace their dreams and accomplishments.

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