Happiness is a goal that everyone can achieve. Begin your happiness journey today by adopting these behaviours of really happy people.

1. They are attracted to the things that matter to them.

2. They don’t gossip and just mention great things about other people.

3. They are considerate of themselves and others in their lives.

4. They don’t care what other people think of them.

5. They don’t dwell on the negative events that have occurred in their lives.

6. They are aware that another person will not make them happier.

7. They accept that they are imperfect and do not strive to be such.

8. They have self-confidence

9. Their best pals are also happy individuals

10. They watch far less television than their counterparts.

11. They are trustworthy and honest.

12. They have a lot of smiles and laughs.

13. They aren’t satisfied with mediocrity.

14. They are completely absorbed in the present moment.

15. They give selflessly of their time, energy, and money.

16. They concentrate on what they can manage.

17. They are appreciative of what they have.

18. They are the epitome of optimism.

19. They prioritise their own needs because they understand that doing so will help others.

20. They accept themselves as they are, flaws and all.

21. They excel at sustaining deep personal connections.

22. They live a well-balanced life.

23. They prioritise experiences over material belongings and recognise that money cannot purchase pleasure for them.

24. They listen to their hearts.

25. They console themselves with the knowledge that every rejection will be followed by something fantastic.

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