Everyone has had those days at work when nothing goes according to plan:

  • Your boss is in a foul mood.
  • Your computer becomes infected.
  • There is a two-hour traffic jam on your way home.

Days like this are simple to brush off as a necessary evil of the contemporary workplace.

Ways to Make Today Great

Decide on your day’s goals: Have you ever observed that once you go automobile shopping, it suddenly looks like every car you see is the identical one you’re looking at? This is because your brain can only consciously perceive a portion of your environment at any moment. So whatever fits what is currently in your thoughts is what you notice.

Consider the scenario of an essential encounter with a challenging coworker. Usually, when you concentrate on the idea that they tend to be a bit of a jerk, you’ll rapidly locate proof supporting your expectations while filtering out everything else (for example, an annoying smirk) (a smile, or a conciliatory tone). Your obsession with the bad indicates that the dialogue is doomed before it even begins.

Develop your distance: You can’t always escape life’s problems and hardships, no matter how good you are at establishing intentions. Things happen, to paraphrase a well-known bumper sticker.

In those “Take me away” times, distance is a deceptively easy method that enables you to obtain the necessary perspective.

Exert thankfulness: A lot of what makes our day good or awful is our perspective. When you intentionally note the pleasant things (however minor), your brain develops the habit of searching for positive things, and your mood improves.

Decide to notice the positive things around you as a result deliberately.

Try to choose three positives to note at the start of each day. As an illustration, your coffee was hot, the door was held open for you, and the train arrived on time. Finally, after the day, consider the three nicest things and write them down or share them with your spouse.