Childhood friendships are the first set of friends we make in our lives. They are the set of friends you have known for a really long time. You have literally grown up together. Together, you went to school, played, and participated in sports. As a result, your core character is known to childhood friends.

However, our adolescent and young adult years are frequently formative periods in our life. When you’re going through huge changes and rebuilding yourself, you may find yourself gravitating toward other individuals. You are attempting to figure out who you want to be.

Friends relocate to pursue higher education, marriage and raising a family, etc. Your childhood friends may grow apart from you or your bond may deteriorate. You may lose touch, text less, and speak less. You’re no longer sharing your day-to-day struggles like you used to.

So is it important to keep a good bonding with childhood friends?

The fact that they understand you way better than you understand yourself makes one feel happy and peaceful. Having friends who knew you before you were a successful adult can be beneficial to your mental health. You were influenced by your peers. You share a lot of good and bad memories together as you grew up.

These friends are aware of your happiness and exhaustion levels. A long-lasting childhood friendship is wonderful since your friend knows more about you than the majority of individuals.

However, sometimes childhood friends have an impression of us that appears to be frozen in time. That perception may prevent you from being self-sufficient and moving in a new direction. These friends can sometimes, deliberately or unknowingly, hinder our development.

Since they are childhood friends, we keep ignoring their toxic traits even at the cost of our mental wellbeing. It’s difficult to say goodbye to a childhood buddy since it seems like a betrayal. It may not feel like an option depending on how long you’ve been friends and how much history you have together. This affects one’s peace and sanity.

Thus, maintaining a good bonding with childhood friends has its own set of benefits. But if it affects your mental well-being and hinders your growth, then it’s best to not have such friendships.

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