Sadly, the truth is rather different. 80% of individuals are dissatisfied with their occupations, according to the Deloitte shift index. One of the primary causes of this unhappiness is management and leadership which don’t foster an atmosphere of personal fulfillment and happiness. Workers change employers but stay with their employer.

The strength of our relationships, our mental and physical health, and the accomplishment of meaningful, passionate, strength- and growth-oriented tasks are the three critical factors that decide whether or not we live a satisfying life. Most people’s major connection to the latter influencing element is their work. So, instead of being a chore, our employment should make us feel happy.

While satisfaction is more profound, happiness is a more transient emotion. People can only feel content in the present when they receive a promotion or accomplish a goal. By fostering human connections and reliable relationships at work, as well as via health-focused leadership styles and a visionary, goal- and strengths-oriented working environment, human organizations may foster conditions for happiness and all three influencing variables. Organizations have a tremendous amount of power to make the world more content and compassionate. This holds true even if there are unexpected, rapidly changing conditions and VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) in the workplace.

What actions may businesses take to support this potential future? The notion that focuses on the following 6 aspects should be targeted in order to create a workplace where employees may be happy and satisfied at work was developed after several disciplines studied happiness at work and satisfaction in life.

1. Reliable, sympathetic, and encouraging leaders

2. Harmony between an individual’s principles and those of the organization

3. Placing culture first: The importance of our actions and interactions

4. Work that meets our fundamental psychological needs

5. A healthy setting

6. Having an organization that is learning and adaptable


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