The connection between happiness and success is complex and different. It is neither an over-exaggerated statement nor the exact key to success. Happiness and Success may have an interconnection, but that doesn’t mean they always go hand in hand. However, understanding the real meaning is important.

Firstly, happiness may result in success in multiple ways. For example, happy people are often full of high motivation, creativity, resilience, and positivity, which can be a key to finding effective solutions for different types of problems that may come your way in pursuit of your goals. In addition, happy individuals, as compared to others, are better in terms of handling relationships, social status, and bonds, which can help in various ways in personal as well as professional life.

But, there is no guarantee of happiness when you achieve success and vice versa. There are many successful people who are at their peak but always strive for more but never truly feel content. On the other hand, individuals live fulfilling, content lives without achieving major success.

In contrast, the definition of success varies from person to person. Someone may feel a sense of accomplishment with their achievements, but they don’t result in lasting happiness. The real meaning of success includes pursuing one’s goal and ensuring mental stability. Happiness can help to achieve success, but it should be seen as a component of a well-living and contented life.