Meditation and mindfulness are two good approaches for slowing down and focusing on the present moment. If sitting silently cross-legged on a cushion isn’t your thing, there are other ways to reap the advantages of these activities. Anything that allows you to focus, pay attention, and be present will suffice.

Here is how you can find joy in development:

1. Involve yourself completely

Whatever you do, immerse yourself entirely in it. Even when doing something out of need, you can discover delight in the action. Participating fully in everything you do allows you to discover new, interesting sides to mundane tasks on your to-do list. Adding fun to mundane, repetitive duties like doing the dishes or waiting for the bus can sometimes fix the problem and awaken delight.

2. Help or share your knowledge

Even if you’re only connecting on Zoom, social interactions bring a lot of delight into your life. Help others or share something with them, such as a cup of coffee, a smile, or a hobby of yours.

3. Choose happiness

“Every moment, if it’s really inside of you, brings you what you need.” ~Rumi More

Joy equals less inflammation throughout the body, better health, and more happiness. You are no longer a prisoner of your thoughts, and you can actively choose where and how to direct your energy. Reinforcing joy assists you in reconnecting with a genuine, knowing part of yourself that knows how to love. It means finally feeling like yourself and safe in your own flesh, regardless of the horrors you’ve experienced in your life.

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