If you are a crazy person, just be as you are. You don’t need to always fit yourself in the so-called norms, values, and behavioral patterns of the society. You don’t need to change yourself for anyone. If people are throwing negative comments at you, for doing something different from what is prevalent in society, you should make a habit in your mind to change those negative comments positively.

Because even if you do anything good or bad, people will keep on saying it behind your back. If you have failed to achieve success in your life, people are going to say bad things about you, and even if you gain huge success people will keep bragging about you behind your back, because of jealousy.

Society always expects you to behave according to their standards and if you fail to follow those standards, they end up calling you crazy. But be confident. Instead of taking this “crazy” comment personally and making yourself sad and trying to change and fit yourself as society expects you to be, you should rather take this as a compliment and keep going the way you are and the way you are. Keep moving forward until you achieve your purpose.

Because focusing on such malicious comments by the people will always drag our confidence down and change our way of living. Never let such people with a small mentality affect you and your lifestyle, Instead, take these remarks firmly and differently. Doing this will allow people to question themselves, that all their sayings never affected you. And live be happy and live a happy life.

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